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About Us

The idea of Ohana Legacy Project started when the founder, Shira, was visiting her best friend’s father who was battling cancer. She knew he only had a little time left. Without her friend knowing, Shira pulled out her camera and started filming. Question after question. Story after story. Tear after tear. The precious footage was edited and pieced together to tell his story. 

A few months later when he passed away, Shira gave the video filled with memories, legacy and love to her best friend who said it was the greatest gift anyone has ever given her. Shortly after, Shira started making these family legacy videos for her own grandparents, parents and family friends. In 2021, sensing these projects were too priceless to keep within the family, 'Ohana Legacy Project was born to share this gift with families who desire to preserve legacy and pass down to future generations. 

The purpose of these video projects is for your family to have the story of their heritage and pass on legacy to future generations so they can know where they come from. Your story is a piece of a multi generational family story that we can’t wait to help you share!

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Meet the Team

We are proud of the incredible team we've built to help tell your stories! Learn more about the people behind the camera.


Shira Lani

Shira is a videographer and editor, along with a passion for music, songwriting, and playing keyboard. She loves meeting new people, hearing their stories, and crafting them into beautiful creative masterpieces that families can enjoy for years to come. Her favorite part of creating legacy videos is witnessing the families' reactions as they watch their loved ones or themselves on screen.



Brad is a warm and passionate videographer/photographer with a natural talent for visual storytelling. He has worked on a variety of media projects, covering international topics in the Caucasus and South East Asia, to collaborating with several first responders and military lifestyle brands. Brad is both versatile and dedicated to capturing compelling stories through visual media.

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Ariel is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker who loves making documentaries. She has had the privilege of meeting many amazing people from around the world, capturing their stories, and crafting them into memories that will last a lifetime. Ariel is passionate about storytelling through video.



Brenner is a videographer, photographer, and editor with over a decade of experience. His work is his passion! Brenner loves capturing moments and making stories out of them. Filming people and being able to tell their stories has been his focus from day one.

About: Meet the Team
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